How it Works

Initial applications to take part in the Short Term Programme [STEP] can be made online at anytime between August and the end of December. However the earlier an application is made the better the chance of finding the ideal exchange partner with matching interests.

Following receipt of your initial application a Rotarian from your home area will be in touch to answer any questions you may have. An interview  in your own home will need to be arranged when you and your family will be present.

Following the interview, and if you are accepted into the programme – and when a local Rotary Club agree to act as your sponsor – you will be asked to complete a full application form. Rotary will then look for a exchange partner for you in your preferred country or countries. Every effort will be made to find a match for you but cannot be guaranteed.

If the inbound student is under 18 years of age on arrival then members of your family who will be in a supervisory role will be subject to DBS checks, which are arranged free of charge by Rotary. Your family will also be required to supply the names of independent referees, such as the family doctor or a teacher at your school. Likewise, the family abroad with whom you will be staying will be required to go through similar checks.

When all the preliminaries are complete, and you have visited your sponsor Rotary Club, you will be invited to make contact with your prospective exchange partner, so that you can get to know them a little and, once you you have confirmed that you are happy that they are a ‘match’, you can start to make arrangements for the exchange.

Your sponsoring Rotary Club will appoint you a Mentor who will be there to answer questions and to help you or your family. You will be required to attend an Orientation event, before you leave, which is to prepare you for your exchange and to ensure everything that should have been done, has been.

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Still unsure then check out our FAQs page or Contact the Short Term Exchange Co-ordinator.

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