What are Camps and Tours?

    • Camps and Tours are organised by many Rotary Clubs around Europe and also a limited number take place in Canada, Brazil, India, USA, Taiwan and Egypt.
    • Usually an age range is specified.
    • Camps and Tours can vary in length from between 7 and 21 days.
    • Most take place in the summer holiday.
    • They are quite often theme based for example, cycling, walking, art, music, culture…etc.
    • Usually there is no more than one person from any country, so they are a great opportunity to make international friends.
    • The language for most camps is English.

Am I eligible?

    • You are 15-25 years old.
    • At interview you are considered to be a suitable person to be an ambassador for your country and your sponsor Rotary Club.

I am younger than 15, what about me?

Provided you will be 15 at the time of travel then please complete a Registration of Interest. Otherwise please be patient. Come back and register when you are 15.

How can I find out what Camps and Tours there are going to be?

We never know until invitations start to arrive in December which camps will be running. Have a look at the camps that ran in 2018/2019 for a good idea of what to expect. If there is any particular camp in which you are interested then please add this in the comments section of your Registration.

Can you guarantee me a place on a Camps or Tour?

No, we are sorry we cannot. The decision to accept, or not to accept, an applicant is that of the Camp Organiser. In addition some camps are very popular and we get several applying for the same camp. Usually the first to apply is the one whose Application Form is sent to the Camp Organiser, however some music camps require MP4 auditions and selection is made by the Camp Organiser on this basis.

When can I register my interest?

You can register your interest in a camp at any time between August and the end of December in the year before that in which you wish to take part. If you register your interest well in advance, then it will save time and increase your chances of a place, when you spot a camp in which you would like to participate, if you have been interviewed by a Rotary Club and the paperwork has been completed.

What is Rotary Certification?

Rotary International have established standards to ensure the health, welfare and general protection of our students wherever they are. Every country is split into Rotary Districts and those Districts taking part in the Youth Exchange programmes must submit their procedures for approval by Rotary International. If it is agreed that these procedures meet, or are of a higher standard than the requirement, the District is granted certification to take part in the Youth exchange programmes. Rotary International carries out regular audits to ensure Districts continued compliance.

Is it necessary to be able to speak a foreign language?

No! The language of most Camps is English. Some of the Camps in France are French speaking but this is clearly stated on the invitation. However, if you are studying a foreign language and your camp or tour is in the country that speaks that language, you will be able to greatly improve your conversational ability and possibly your examination grades, through conversation with local people.

What does it cost?

You are responsible for the cost of your travel. You must also take out an insurance policy which is acceptable to Rotary in the host country. You must obtain a passport, a visa (if required) and provide your own spending money for the duration of the Camp. A central administration charge of £25 becomes due when you are accepted on the programme. Some Districts may make an additional charge. You will be advised of the full administration charge at interview.

With some Camps and Tours there is no charge for the hospitality many camps do charge a fee, particularly if special equipment or special circumstances, such as internal flights, are provided. Details of fees are clearly shown on the invitation.

What insurance will be acceptable to Rotary in the Host Country?

Rotary International have determined a minimum level of cover for Youth Exchange students (View).

There are certain parts of the world where, for local reasons, you will be required to take their insurance. You must check with your local Youth Exchange contact before purchasing any insurance.

What’s the next step?

Complete a Registration of Interest (before 1st January) and someone from Rotary will contact you to arrange an interview. Following the interview and your acceptance as a candidate you will be asked to complete an Application Form. Your email address will be added to the mailing list and during December through to March you will receive details, usually on a Monday evening, of the invitations received since the previous mailing.

If you are interested in place on a particular camp you should make an immediate application by replying to the email. However, before you press the send button you should check that you will be in the required age range nor will you be in school or away with your parents at the time of the camp or tour.

If you have any more questions then please Contact Us

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