Himalaya Adventure Camp Report

Three young people, two from Cambridgeshire and one from London, travelled to Calcutta on the 1st April to take part in the Himalayan Adventure Camp which runs until 15th April. View Camp Itinerary

Jacob’s Mum gave us this news update on 7th April

After a long flight of 13hrs they arrived safely at Calcutta and Surinder was there to meet them.
Very hot so the first couple of days relaxing on the coast have been very welcome, and given them time to get to know everyone, they seem to be a great group. Yesterday they headed back to the Sunderbans tiger reserve stayed in lodges overnight and over the weekend will be heading up to the Himalaya foothills, Sikkim and area.

Will keep you updated if we hear any more.
Thanks once again for giving Jacob this wonderful opportunity.

Laura’s Mum told us on 9th April she had received a text from Laura

They are having cold showers at the tiger camp as there is no hot water but all part of the adventure!! leaving for Sikkim today. Some are now suffering from upset stomachs but touch wood Laura is OK, but it sounds like they are having a fantastic time (wish I was there!!)

Hello how are you? I have borrowed someone’s phone as there is no wifi.

We have just arrived in Peling in Sikkim. I prefer it here it isn’t as warm as it has been in Puri or Kolkata. Everybody is saying it is really cold but I am still really warm and sat in shorts and its 19:20. I have taken lots of photos! Today when we arrived at Siliguri station there were so many beggers it was literally like slum dog millionaire, some of the children were pretending to cry and then suddenly stop and start talking to one another. One was really cheeky, kept tapping on our window and laughing, we were taking photos through the window and then showing him them and he would just laugh, I filmed him doing a little dance and sticking his tongue out. Then he worked out how to open the door and they all starting doing it so we had to lock the doors. The drive up the mountain was over 5 hours long and really bumpy but I slept quite well

Update on 16th April….text from email to Surinder Singh, the Rotarian from India, who led the camp

We have just got home from collecting Laura and Jacob from Gatwick airport and it sounds like they have had a trip of a life time!!!  Thank you so much for organising what seems to have been a fantastic mix of culture, holiday, sightseeing and so much more.  It sounds like laura has made many new friends from all over the world and had a wonderful time.

She’s back to school tomorrow so I’m sure she will be reliving her time away again and again.

Thank you again for the time Laura has had in India

Helen (Laura’s mum)

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