News from San Diego Music Camp

Six young people from the UK and Ireland were successful in gaining places on the San Diego Music Camp between 16th July and 4th August. An email was received today from Ron Hunt, the Camp Organiser in the USA in which he reports:

Eimear is a real character and just delightful. She led everyone in doing an Irish Jig at the “Pool and Pasta” party we had a week ago. Georgia can also play fiddle and accompanied her.

Izzy is doing great and she expressed an interest in a surfing lesson. I am trying to arrange that for her.

Cameron is having a good time I think. He is a somewhat reserved.

Jenny seems to be enjoying herself as well and took part in a duet for trumpets at the Angel’s Angels event last night.¬†Ellie has been a real hit on the flute she took part last night by playing in a trio, a duet and as a soloist.

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