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Aquaculture Research – Australia

Charlie NGSEI have had an incredible time here in Nelson Bay. From my work placement I have gained lab & fieldwork experience in a government facility – invaluable experience that should hopefully help me with my future career.

I have made some friends, worked with accomplished scientists, learnt to use some different equipment and scientific techniques, been able to discuss different career paths with people actually on those career paths, talk to PhD students about what their programmes have been like and the logistics behind doing a PhD……Read the full story as it happened on Charlie’s Blog

Medical – Texas

I spent just over a month with a family in The Woodlands, around 25 miles north of Houston, TX, USA. As a medical student I was hoping to gain a broad spectrum of experience within the healthcare system, as well as experiencing family life in America.

The experience was beyond what I could have ever hoped for: not only was the breadth of work experience completely unexpected, the hospitality I experienced was second to none.

My hosts, along with their family and friends made me feel hugely welcome and comfortable from the moment I arrived. Together they ensured I had the full ‘Texas Experience’, from authentic barbecue, to cowboy boot shopping, to everything in between.

JK – Medical Student at University of Oxford

Local Government – Australia

The new generations programme was exactly what I was looking for as a post-grad.

It combined vocational training which is nowadays so hard to come across, as well as an opportunity to learn about another country and its culture.

Without the help of Rotary and this programme, I would not have as many opportunities opening up for me as I do today – more

SB – Post Grad. International Relations at Leeds University


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